Haily & Connor | Maui Water Session

couple sitting in the black sand beach

Do you guys recognize these two? ¬†If you answered “Yes, they’re the ones who got married a few months ago in Maui, while Hurricane Lane lurked in the distance” then you are RIGHT ūüėČ ¬†Haily and Connor’s wedding was beautiful and I loved every minute capturing their entire wedding day.

Haily & Connor’s Wedding Day

However, I didn’t quite get enough of them so I asked if they’d be willing to be my model and muse for a Day After Session. ¬†To my delight they were all for it!

I wanted to do a more sexy, edgy and adventurous session than I typically get to do. ¬†Something that spoke to my, “don’t care who’s looking, not afraid to get wet, feel the wind and water rush thru you, love deeply”, inner voice. ¬†Fortunately, Haily and Connor did not have to pretend, they are in fact, all these things and more.

While creating my mood board, aka inspiration, I wanted to incorporate a surf board somehow which is perfect since they both surf. ¬†Finding the board was easy, getting into the water wasn’t so easy. ¬†On this day, ¬†the wind and water was crazy. ¬†Super choppy and scary like a washing machine! ¬†It’s as if the ocean was saying, “Yeah you can try Megan but don’t count on it.”

We tried anyway. For 5 minutes.  Then gave up.  Oh well, not too worry.  We are just guests on this earth and nature always reminds us of this truth.  Carry on.

We went forth with the shoot, two feet safely in the sand.

I hope you all love this water/adventure/day after session with Haily and Connor!

xoxo, meg

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