Q & A
How many years have you been a photographer?
I've had my official business since 2013 but prior to that photography has been a passion since high school.
Why photography?
My path to photography was not a straight one but the one aspect of my life that's always remained has been art. I have always been an artist well before any sort of formal training that I'd eventually acquire. If I could draw a road map to photography it would be this:
finger painting > paint by numbers > pencil drawing > ceramics > art history> painting > photography.
Why photography? Because it's a form of art that allows me to be as much of an observer as an active participant in the creating of art.
What are your hobbies outside of photography?
I have been an artist my whole life and so I've always felt an intense, undeniable feeling that I must create...preferably a hands on media like painting or ceramics. I've recently found a huge passion for resin art and alcohol inks. Google it! It's amazing and super fun.
What do you want your clients to know about your photography?
When creating images I always aim to be timeless and true to who you are. I do not subscribe to any sort of trends in photography. You'll find that my work is clean and simple and a true representation of the day. I hope that it will be still considered beautiful in 3+ generations so that your grandchildren will appreciate it's beauty. I let my couples be who they are. Are you reserved and quiet? Then your images will be calm and simple. Are you extroverted and fun? Then your images will be emotive and exuberant. You create the story and I preserve it.
If you could describe yourself in 1 sentence what would it say?
I'm a down to earth person, an introvert, an artist, I never say never and trust that life will always surprise you.
Favorite movie?
Pans Labyrinth with Amelie a close second.
Where would you like to travel to next?
Moura, Portugal. Because well, it's a city with my last name! Then, the Maldives because I'm in search of the calmest, bluest, clearest water (that can't kill you as easily as these Hawaiian waters can....sorry for being so morbid but 'tis true!)