Daniella & Eric | Hawaii Honeymoon Photographer

“Megan was a dream to work with! We were on our honeymoon in Maui and brought our wedding outfits to take photos. Luckily we found Megan and the photos are so beautiful!! Everyone loves them, but not as much as us. She is genuinely excited and passionate about what she does. She gave a lot of advice as to different location areas and was prepared for everything. She was also very quick to edit. My husband and I cannot thank her enough! Highly recommend”


Daniella and Eric contacted me just 24 hours before their Maui honeymoon session which sounds like a whirlwind of activity but it all worked out perfectly.  Sometimes you don’t need months of planning if you have luck on your side.  I was so grateful that I had this day free for them because, as you’ll soon see, they were amazing to work with.   Their wedding was just a few days prior so their excitement & head over heels energy was palpable.  So many smiles and kisses that didn’t need to be coached…it was all natural for them.  

Daniella’s two piece wedding dress was in fact the one she got married in. It was a gorgeously detailed corset top with a full skirt that flowed perfectly in the wind.  The whole look was punctuated with her show stopping hair piece.  


Let’s not forget to mention how dapper Eric looked.  His grey suit matched the overall scene handsomely.  He also added a pop of fun with his initialed dress socks!  Though his outfit was on point, he was most proud of his wedding ring.  He pointed it out and made sure that I captured it in numerous frames.  His excitement was just too darn sweet!


On this day the weather on the west side of Maui was not entirely cooperative.  The rain clouds loomed not to far from this spot. You could feel light drizzles throughout the session which felt as if nature was tempting us.  We stayed our ground and it paid off.  The sunset was spectacular and the addition of mist in the air actually enhanced the sunset.  Contrary to popular belief that sunsets are most beautiful on a clear, cloud-less day, a bit of weather is necessary for a vibrant sunset.  Not to get too scientific but I’m sure you’ve all noticed that those super red and orange sunsets happen when there are clouds or if you’re in a city a bit of smog.  

I can’t believe that they chose me as their honeymoon photographer and I can only hope that 2019 brings in more amazing couples like Daniella and Eric. Congratulations you two and I hope your next stop in Bora Bora is incredible!