“Going Green During Covid-19” Discount

2020 – The Year That Was Supposed To Be…

Hello there! I’m happy that you’re here because I have good news to share for anyone planning their 2020 and 2021 weddings and portraits. It’s July 20th and we were supposed to be “back to normal” by now. Or so I thought. The pandemic hit and we all thought, just a few weeks of wearing masks and social distancing to flatten the curve, then life will be back to normal. Hawaii’s tourism will be back and our wedding industry will be back on track. I wish it happened this way, but alas, it is not the case.

Hawaii has halted nearly all tourism into our islands because of Covid-19. Hawaii’s economy was almost nearly 100% reliant on tourism. “Tourism” can be a vague category and not everyone knows how tourism trickles down to the majority of Hawaii. Tourism affects every point of contact that a visitor makes in their journey to Hawaii. It’s the airlines, the airports, the ride shares and taxis. It’s the rental car companies, the hotels, the hotel staff, the restaurants, the bars, the housekeeping, the managerial staff. It’s the small business whose income is fortified by tourism…it’s the wedding vendors, the catering staff, the venues, the florist, the coffee shops, the cafe’s, the locally owned restaurants, retail shops, restaurants, the tour guides, and so much more. In short, Covid-19 has impacted everyone in a negative way. And we are left scrambling.

So, what do I do, as a small business owner who runs her entire business by herself? Do I wait, until the US economy is back to normal, which is predicted to take 10 years? Or, do I pivot and meet my clients half way? I know that if I am having a hard time making ends meet, my clients might be in the same boat. But life goes on and people will continue to get married, families will continue to have their annual family portraits, couples will continue to get engaged and anniversaries will still happen. As of today, July 20, 2020, Hawaii’s Governor has extended the 2 week quarantine rules for all visitors and returning residents thru Sept 1, 2020. This means that our visitors have 3 choices, 1) Plan a 3+ week vacation and stay in your hotel room for the first 2 weeks. 2) Postpone your vacation until the quarantine rules are lifted. Or 3) Cancel your trip completely. If you fall into either the 1st or 2nd category, then please keep reading because my discount applies to you.

Here is the offer that I am extending to anyone who wants to take it. The offer is 2-fold. Part 1: “Covid You Suck” = 20% discount on all packages. Part 2: “Going Green” = 10% discount when you forfeit the tangible items I normally give my wedding clients…aka 100% digital, no usb, no prints, nothing mailed to you. This means, all of my portrait clients (engagements, family, anniversary sessions, honeymoon, babymoon sessions) will automatically get a 20% discount on their package. My wedding clients will have the opportunity to not only get the “Covid You Suck” 20% discount, but they are also eligible for an additional 10% off if they also choose “Going Green”.

That is a total discount of 30% for wedding clients and 20% discount for portrait clients. (Portrait clients can’t opt in for “Going Green” because their package is already “green”)

Where’s my locals at? You get an additional 10% off Kama’aina discount on top! So, if you’re a local wedding client, you could get a total of 40% off. If you’re a local family or couple, you will get 30% off your portrait! Our road to recovery will be loooong, and hard … we have to support every local business and eachother.

You might be thinking, “this is too good, what’s the catch?” The catch is you have to book your photography session or wedding (contract signed and downpayment made) before Feb 1st 2021. You have 6 months to book me and get these discounts! Your wedding or portrait session could be in late 2021 or 2022…doesn’t matter, as long as you book it before Feb 1st, 2021 you’ll get the savings. Lastly, if your wedding is taking place on another island (Kauai, Maui, Big Island, Lana’i) then, of course, a travel fee will be added.

Now that you’ve been given a never before chance at great savings, let me show you how amazing your own photos will turn out if you hire me.

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