Megan & Taylor | Princeville Ranch Wedding

Princeville Ranch was the setting where Megan and Taylor gathered their closest friends to witness their union.  The specific location of choice was Green Hill which is deep within the grounds of The Princeville Ranch.  A 10 minute car ride followed by a 15 minute atv ride shuttled everyone to the top of the hill.  Once there, we were surrounded by a vast expanse of Kauai pasture lands.  Off into the distance clouds could be seen slowly moving inward, engulfing the mountain range.

Megan and Tay had met 12 years ago while attending college where they became the best of friends.  After graduation, they had both moved to different cities but reunited several years later when Taylor visited her in Chicago.  A year after this fateful reunion, Megan moved to Texas to be with Taylor and the rest is history.

Before heading to the ceremony site, Megan and Taylor chose to have their first look at the entrance to the barn.  I found a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of vendors setting up their reception.  It was just us 3 and a beautiful horse that stopped by to take a peek.  As an animal lover, specifically horses, Megan was absolutely thrilled to have shared this moment with her (or him lol).  Grabbing a quick shot or two was a must before making the trek to Green Hill.

The sunset on this particular day was what i’d call sneaky.  Sometimes, in Hawaii, our sunsets don’t appear to be much of anything to start.  Then suddenly as the sun goes below the horizon (yes technically after sunset) the skies will light up in the most incredible bright orange, red and purple.  And this is exactly what happened on this day.  I quickly had Megan pose for some epic bridal shots at this moment and, quite to my surprise, Taylor jumped in to share this moment with his bride.

Congrats Megan and Tay! Thank you for having me be a part of your day.

atv at green hill princeville ranch
Love this shot of the bride and her chariot, well an ATV in this case, en route to the top of Green Hill.
kauai wedding first look
We couldn’t resist saying hello to the horsies of Princeville Ranch.  This guy was a showstopper and so friendly + curious!
Princeville Ranch Wedding Megan Archiblad
The view from their ceremony site at Green Hill.  Completely breathtaking.  360 degrees views of Kauai’s north shore. The only wedding venue with this view.

Megan’s bridesmaids wore a beautiful deep shade of emerald green which set perfectly amongst Kauai’s natural scenery.

Beautiful Kaua’i

wedding flowers kauai

kauai wedding at princeville ranch
bride with sunset at green hill
princeville ranch
sunset from green hill