Oahu Location Maleana Kailua

A cozy private property that will delight any garden lovers. This hidden gem boasts 3,000 plants, a beautiful cottage inspired home, an outdoor pergola perfect for intimate weddings and elopements. I had the pleasure of recently visiting Male’ana Gardens and photographing every angle of this gorgeous property. If you’re like me, and loves all things gardens, then this is a venue that deserves your consideration! It’s perfect for those smaller intimate weddings and gatherings. A venue that all about the ambiance and the sense of connection it will offer your event. As you enter the property, you’ll be greeted with a long driveway with colorful plants and flowers on both sides. The driveway is coated with a neutral color gravel, which contrasts beautifully with the green surrounding it. (Side note: neutral gravel (white or grey) will create the perfect portrait as it won’t cast a green color cast onto your skin). You’ll then head towards the main entrance to the garden and home thru a perfectly quaint white painted gate. This is another spot that I will surely take your portraits! It opens up to a wandering path and a koi pond. Perfect to entertain the kiddos! The grand lawn is spacious enough for an intimate party of 20 people. I can image a romantic wedding that transitions beautifully from day to night as the sun sets, and your lighting scheme takes center stage amongst the trees.

Email me today to learn more about this venue, and why I think it’s the perfect place for your intimate wedding! A great location for both ambiance and beautiful photos!