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Elopement on the Cliffs of Oahu

From the dramatic cliffs of Oahu to Tori’s modern elopement gown I’m so thrilled to share with you this Oahu cliffside destination elopement inspiration.  With a DIY bouquet and a chic mauve bridal makeup look that has me weak in the knees, this one takes the classic Hawaiian elopement to a level, I’m absolutely loving. I can’t get enough of that bold red lip and that subtle train which blows in the wind softly—and don’t even get me started the sleek yet romantic low bun, perfect for Hawaii’s strong winds—and classic diamond drop earrings come together to create an aesthetic that falls somewhere between ultra romance and fresh Hawaiian vibes …and it’s a dream come true shoot, sure to inspire the effortlessly elegant couple planning their own destination elopement here on Oahu.

Hawaii has and will always be a top contender for couples choosing to skip the full day wedding affairs, to opt for a more relaxed and intimate elopement. These elopements aren’t necessarily totally absent of close family, many times my clients will bring along their absolute closest and dearest family member or life long friend. Regardless of the amount of people there to witness your union, they all have one single thing in common. The couple has purposely chosen a destination location to wed in order to create an intimate moment of pure love where the only focus is their connection. I must admit, this is exactly how I’d do it too! Now don’t get me wrong, I love a beautifully curated wedding full of stunning florals and table scapes, but my personality and the type of relationship I have, lends itself to the path less taken, a true elopement surrounded by Mother Nature. Just simply be present in the moment, it’s still special even if no one else is there to see it. Of course I’d hire an incredible photographer to capture it!

This Oahu elopement inspiration photoshoot was born out of my desire to create something that truly speaks to my personal taste and vision of what an Oahu elopement is. I chose a location that juxtaposes the hard rock surfaces with the fluidity of the raging waters below. Creatively, I’ve always been drawn towards opposite elements in photography. I am the one who will exclaim, “gorgeous!” when I see an old telephone pole in the middle of rugged nature. That’s me to the fullest. The way two things, seemingly totally disjointed, can create an overall harmonious feel. The stark darkness of the cliffs and the way the bluest ocean with it’s white caps, violently crash against eachother. It’s raw, it’s crazy strong, it’s something to be feared and respected ( PSA thats why we kept a safe distance, please never ever go down to the cliffs edge!)

Visually, I am inspired by the modernity of this dress. With it’s unique high neckline and elegant open back, I felt it paired nicely with the sleek rocks. Also, a slightly off white dress is a gorgeous contrast to the dark lava rock. The dress also had a beautiful. modest train, that blew so beautifully in the wind. For any woman getting married in Hawaii I strongly suggest a dress that embraces the natural elements, specifically the wind that WILL be present on your wedding day. Wind is never something to be feared because it always makes for more dynamic and romantic imagery. With a fantastic hair and makeup team like Reveal Hair and Makeup, who knows exactly how to create an elegant look that works with the elements, you will look incredible, wind or no wind.


Hair and Makeup // Reveal Hair and Makeup

Models // Tori and Bryan

Florals // Sourced at Watanabe Florals. Created by Yours Truly

Dress // BHLDN

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