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Willa and Lucas and I met over a glass of beer at a local San Francisco spot.  I instantly felt that these two were something special, something different or perhaps just rare.  You know that kind of love that makes you say, “yeah they’re def soulmates” that was my impression.  This would feeling would permeate their entire wedding.  Every aspect of their day was a reflection of them, from decor to the obvious location and the connection between their closest friends.

They invited me to not only capture their day but also stay the weekend in The Yosemite Valley.  I camped in the woods for the first time, which was more like glamping, no complaints here!  Every morning was crisp and the smell of the pine welcomed me to seize the day.  Not typically a morning person, this trip helped me see why morning people wake up with the sunrise.

Not the day after their wedding but 2 days after, we all woke up at 4am to begin our “Day After Session”.  It was incredibly important for Willa and Luke to be 100% present for all of their guests during their wedding so deciding to have their newlywed photos done a couple days after was an obvious solution.  We were able to spend 2 hours together chasing the sunrise, creating beautiful imagery and hanging out as friends.  This was my first Day After Session and I hope it isn’t the last!  To focus on my craft and being present for my couples without the pressure of a timeline was an unforgettable experience.

“I went into the search for a photographer with my head hanging low. I didn’t think it was going to be possible to find someone meeting my description. He or she needed to love natural light, color in all it’s beautiful shades, detest overly posed couples shots/ group wedding photos or at least hear my pain (no jumping! None, zero, zilch, nada), was willing to travel to Yosemite for not one, not two, but three nights, and wasn’t going to completely alter the budget we’d set out for the wedding. In addition to these limiting parameters, I was looking about six months beforehand because we didn’t know we needed a photographer until about 6,708 people told us that we did.

Of course, it was meeting her that was the real clincher. She got my slightly crass humour (sorrymom) and was incredibly bubbly, kind, and encouraging. She wasn’t going to do anything we didn’t want (cake cutting…nah) but knew sometimes couples like a bit of direction.

The weekend of she was the perfect accompaniment to my bridal party and to our whole crew. She was sensitive to everyone’s aesthetic needs (women can be cray and we all have a “good” side) and she captured every moment without intruding. She fluttered throughout the day unnoticed unless to pause and soak the moment with me. (Can you tell I love her?) 

Now Monday morning is when you know she’s one-of-a-kind. We got married on Saturday and had a “day of rest” on Sunday with our friends. We asked if it was okay to save our ‘day after’ photos for the next next day so we didn’t look hungover…sad but true. Megan not only stayed through Monday afternoon but she scouted out the locations we were looking into in Yosemite Valley and beyond on Sunday AND SHE WOKE UP AT 4:30AM ON MONDAY TO CATCH THE SUNRISE WITH US. So did her boyfriend who drove us around and had snacks…SNACKS.

I digress. This is really all about the photos. Really, I’ll let them speak for themselves but basically I felt like a stunner, she made my foolishly handsome husband look even more debonair in digital form and most importantly, she listened to what I wanted. Oh and every photo was retouched to make us look pristine. Boom. GO WITH HER IF SHE’S AVAILABLE.


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