Hair + Makeup

Photography has a way of minimizing the appearance of makeup so don't get scared when your professional makeup artist is going heavier than you may be used to, it will look perfect in photos.

Hawaii is very often windy so plan a hairstyle that works with the wind. Embracing the romantic feel of wind blown hair is a must whether it's an updo or loose curls.

Why Sunset?

Sunset sessions will give you soft light and beautiful orange/purple sunset colors (weather permitting). It's the most flattering light for portraits and skin tone. In Hawaii, the best light occurs 45 minutes before the sun goes below the horizon. The pièce de résistance occurring 15 minutes before the sun hits the horizon. At this moment the skies will really show their color.

Heels or Barefoot

For a beach location go barefoot or add a bit of sparkle with feet jewelry. If you want a bit of height, go for a nice wedged heel. Stilettos will sink into sand even with wideners attached. For a lawn ceremony heels will work with wideners attached to the bottom of your heel.

To Tan Or Not To Tan

Pleeeease do not tan immediately before a photography session. Yes, it will appear red. No it is not easy to PhotoShop out.


Incorporating a lovely bouquet for any occasion adds a pop of color and it is so tropical dreamy. Bouquets are not just for weddings. They are great for engagement sessions, anniversary sessions and maternity. Let your imagination run wild! I personally feel that colorful bouquets works lovely in Hawaii especially for beach ceremonies. In terms of color, a vibrant bouquet will add color to an otherwise neutral scene. Our beaches are yellow, the ocean during sunset is a warm blue and the skies are also a warm orange....colorful blooms will add a nice pop of color.

Beach or Forest

Hawaii is a truly amazing place and has so much to offer. We are known for our beaches but our forests and mountains are equally incredible. Be fearless in choosing your location. Do what speaks to you. I myself, am more of a forest gal!

Makeup Test + Engagement Session

If you are planning on having an engagement session I would schedule your wedding day makeup test with your professional makeup artist on the same day. This will not only allow you to hone in your wedding day makeup but also see how it will look in photos.