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How to Easily Create Your Own Photo Gallery Wall

January 3, 2021

Welcome to Megan Moura Photography! I quick backstory about my experience in custom framing. I’ve worked in custom framing for a total of 5 years. I’ve had the pleasure of working with 2 custom framing shops here in Hawaii and San Francisco. Today, I’ll be sharing with you a convenient and fast method of creating these gorgeous gallery walls for your home. In partnership with Picture Plays, you can display your family heirloom photos, or highlights from your wedding, the possibilities are endless. Thank you for reading!

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What are Photo Gallery Walls

Photo gallery walls are a sequence of frames, displayed in various designs and sometimes, various sizes. Gallery walls are a fun and creative way to occupy space on your walls, while showcasing images of your family. It can also be used effectively in offices, to add life and warmth, an important aspect of office decor to set your customers at ease.

BONUS: Use CODE (meganmoura10) for a 10% Discount on Your Order!!!

The Trouble with DIY Gallery Walls

Have you ever attempted with creating your own gallery wall from start to finish? I have, and as a professional photographer and skilled framer, I can tell you it’s not easy nor a “quick job.” You will encounter the following things in your journey that must all be pre-planned before anything is purchased.

  1. Space of your wall. The overall size of the particular wall you want to decorate
  2. The amount of frames you want to invest in
  3. The sizes of all frames you must buy in order to occupy chosen wall
  4. The image size of each frame. In other words, the size of the photo you must print for each frame
  5. An aesthetically pleasing design or layout of your frames
  6. The color of frames that will look good together
  7. An awareness of aspect ratios of images in relation to the frame size. For example, you want a square frame but your photos are in a portrait orientation (2×3 aspect ratio for digital cameras). You will have to choose to cut off a bit of the top, bottom or both, to fit into this 1×1 aspect ratio.

The Solution To This Lengthy Process: Picture Plays

The Owner and Founder of Picture Plays, Fred Rubenstein, was the owner of the custom framing shop I worked for in San Francisco. As San Francisco’s top custom framing shop, Fred had learned a thing or two about this niche market. He set out to make custom framing more accessible to a wider audience. He created Picture Plays, an online store that makes your custom Gallery Walls a breeze. All you need is a computer and high resolution jpeg images!

  • Step 1: Go to Picture Plays
  • Step 2: Click Gallery Walls in the Main Navigation
  • Step 3: Pick the design that you want
  • Step 4: Pick the Frame style (fun fact, I photographed ALL frames)
  • Step 5: Click “Add Pictures” this is where you’ll add your photos
  • Step 6: Click “Approve and add to cart”

BONUS: Use CODE (meganmoura10) for a 10% Discount on Your Order!!!

And YOU’RE DONE! It has never been easier

In a matter of MINUTES you’ll have a full gallery wall completed, ordered and en route to your home! No more “trying to envision” what a gallery wall will actually look like. Picture Plays visualization tool, shows you exactly what it’ll look like. No more measuring, back and forth from shop to shop to buy frames and mats. It is all done for you in one stop shop!

Use Code: meganmoura10 for a 10% discount

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