Elopement FAQ
What is an elopement
An elopement is an intimate wedding ceremony that is usually just the two of you (maybe a couple of friends as well). It's an alternative to having a huge party of 100+ guests.
What do I need to have an elopement?
Since elopements are intimate and quick you don't need vendors like a caterer. You do need the following:
- A marriage license
- A minister
- A florist who will create your bouquet, lei, boutonniere etc.
- A hair and make-up artist.
- A photographer
- A videographer (optional)
- A planner (optional)
- A beach permit (I can provide that as well as a planner)
How many hours do we need to book you for?
For elopements a suggest 1-2 hours of photography coverage. 1 hour is enough for both the ceremony and 30 minutes of photos afterwards. 2 hours is great if you want 1.5 hours of photos afterwards OR to capture the getting ready moments in your hotel room.
How far in advance do we need to book you?
I being accepting bookings 12 months in advance. The sooner the better as dates fill up fast.

How many images will we receive?
I average 100 images per hour.