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Shantha and Chris’ Private Home Wedding in Oahu

October 12, 2023

When it comes to celebrating love, few settings can match the charm and intimacy of a private home wedding. Recently, I had the privilege of capturing the heartwarming union of Shantha and Chris, a local Oahu couple born and raised on this beautiful island. They chose to exchange their vows at Shantha’s parents’ home in Central Oahu, a place with deep sentimental value.

Their decision to host an intimate micro wedding at a private residence allowed for a deeply personal and meaningful experience. To document this special day, they hired me, an Oahu wedding photographer who understood the island’s unique beauty and significance. The result was a stunning wedding session that perfectly captured their love story against the backdrop of the picturesque valley and mountains of Aiea.

Oahu Wedding Photographer: Weather and Vibrant Colors

As their chosen Oahu wedding photographer, I had the privilege of documenting every moment of this heartfelt celebration. The backdrop for their ceremony was a breathtaking view overlooking the valley and mountains in Aiea. It was a sunny summertime afternoon with the clock striking 3 p.m., and the Hawaiian sun was shining brilliantly. However, in true Hawaiian fashion, the weather brought an unexpected twist. Passing showers, a common occurrence in Hawaii, briefly joined the celebration, adding an element of spontaneity and joy to the day.

As we gathered in the backyard overlooking the valley, I could feel the anticipation in the air. Shantha and Chris stood together, surrounded by the beauty of Oahu, ready to commit their lives to one another in an intimate micro wedding.

For this special occasion, I was fortunate to have a second shooter by my side. This allowed us to capture multiple angles and perspectives throughout the ceremony. The early afternoon timing of the wedding meant that the natural light was brighter. It infused the photographs with vibrant colors and a sense of cheerfulness.

Private Home Wedding of Their Dreams

Shantha and Chris had always dreamt of a wedding that embraced their roots and honored their families and friends. They wanted to cherish the authentic moments, allowing their wedding to unfold naturally, like a beautiful story. Their values resonated deeply with me, and I knew this wedding session would be something truly special.

Adding to the personal touch of this wedding, the officiant was an Oahu-based judge who is also their family friend. As their officiant began the ceremony, the couple exchanged vows that resonated with the love they held for each other and the island that had witnessed their journey from the very beginning. Their smiles radiated happiness, capturing the essence of their love story—full of warmth, spontaneity, and authenticity.

The wedding was filled with authentic moments, from heartfelt speeches to the laughter of friends and family. There was an undeniable sense of unity and connection among everyone present. Against the backdrop of Oahu’s breathtaking beauty, the couple’s love story unfolded gracefully. Each chapter marked by smiles, tears of joy, and warm embraces.

From Megan’s Lens

As an Oahu wedding photographer, I couldn’t help but be moved by the love that radiated from this celebration. Shantha and Chris’ private home wedding was an authentic and heartwarming celebration of love, family, and tradition. The natural beauty of the island, combined with the genuine love and connection between the couple, made for a truly memorable wedding session.

A private home wedding in Oahu offers a unique and intimate experience that allows couples to celebrate their love in a personal and meaningful way. As an Oahu wedding photographer, I was glad to be a part of this special day, capturing the essence of a private home wedding that was truly one for the books.

Whether you’re planning a private home wedding or envisioning your own intimate ceremony on the beautiful island of Oahu, remember that your love story deserves to be documented with care and authenticity, just like Shantha and Chris’. If you are looking for an Oahu-based photographer, feel free to send me a message for inquiries.

Black and White Photo of a Woman Peeking Out the Window
Private Home Wedding women getting ready
Black and White Portrait of the Bride, Private Home Wedding
Man in a suit going down the stairs
Black and White Portrait of the Newlyweds
Newlyweds holding hands
Newlyweds Private Home Wedding
Newlyweds Intimate Kiss under the veil Private Home Wedding
Black and White Portrait of the Bride
Groom guiding the bride Private Home Wedding
Parents of the Bride and Groom Private Home Wedding
Bride and Groom Exchanging Vows Private Home Wedding
Private Home Wedding Bridesmaids Throwing Flowers on the Aisle
Private Home Wedding Bride Giving Away
Black and White Photo of Exchanging of Vows Private Home Wedding
Private Home Wedding Newlyweds holding hands walking
Private Home Wedding Reception
Private Home Wedding Reception Bride Laughing
Private Home Wedding Reception
Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Reception Table Setting in Private Home
Wedding Reception Private Home Getting Ready
Black and White Image of the newlyweds in private home reception
Little Girl Smiling in Wedding Reception of private wedding
Newlyweds walking and looking into each other in their private home
Newlyweds walking and looking into each other in their private home
Private Home Wedding Reception Kids dancing
Private Home Wedding Reception First Dance of the Newlyweds
Private Home Wedding Reception Bride Clapping
Private Home Wedding Reception Bride and Groom Having a Laugh
Private Home Wedding Reception
Newlyweds Holding Hands Private Home Wedding
Private Home Wedding Reception Bride and Groom Having a Laugh
Private Home Wedding Reception Black and White Image in Black and White
Private Home Wedding Reception Toast to the Newlyweds

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