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I'm from Kaua'i and yes it was a pretty cool place to grow up. I'm half Filipino and half Portuguese. I love art so much so that I chose to get 2 degrees in it. I am forever in student debt though it was worth every penny.

I love getting to know people and I am privileged to help people shine in the most special moments of their life. I work in Hawai’i and California. I live on the island of Oahu but travel throughout the islands for work. You’ll find me on the island of Kauai on a regular basis to visit with family and meeting amazing couples in search of adventure captured on camera.


I was trained in Photography at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where I earned a Master’s in Fine Art Photography. This intensive 3 year study on photography has enabled me to create imagery that is timeless and understated. My work is a balance between documentary photography and traditional portraiture. My introverted nature allows me to be fully present as I quietly observe and document moments as they develop. I understand how it feels to be photographed and the awkwardness that one might feel but I assure you, you aren't the first to feel this way! I am calm and gentle in my approach which has proven beneficial for even the most nervous of couples. Cultivating a space where you feel comfortable is my utmost priority, it allows me to capture your authentic connections as they unfold. Those unposed, in between moments fuel my soul and I am grateful for every person who has allowed me to capture it. My photographic aesthetic is soft and elegant while maintaining rich contrast. Weddings and portraits are a joyous occasion and your photographs will convey this through thoughtful composition, elegant light, rich color and my ability to capture fleeting moments.


In my personal life, I love traveling, and have traveled throughout South America from Patagonia to Machu Picchu. My travels have deepened my appreciation for art, people and enhanced my photography skills. I have a deep appreciation for culture and art and I see the beauty in things others might glance over. The old rundown sugar mills of my youth, with their peeling paint, rust colored edges and all together hazardous condition for any child gave me a sense of place...of my heritage and those who sacrificed so that I might live a life of passion. Forever grateful and humbled.

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Secret passionArchitecture
my Go to movieAmelie
Where do you go to re-focusThe forest
Destination wedding of my dreamsNew Zealand
favorite colorGold... of course!
Favorite BrandMadewell
musical artist on repeatRay Lamontagne
My word of the yearFearless

why photography?

Photography was always in the background of my personal life and my studies. It was a hobby and a way to help me visualize my paintings. But it wasn't until I second shot my first wedding when I realized it's allure and addictive qualities. I fell in love with capturing real emotions, which was something that I never quite accomplished as a painter. Photography is as much of a creative art form as it is a documentary one. This duality of imagination and documentation both resonated with my soul.

What other passions do you have aside from photography?

I've given this some thought (clearly lol) and I think that if I didn't pursue photography i'd be an architect. I am always in awe of how a building can transport you into another world. Through walls and the spaces between them, architecture invites you into it's own reality. It become an art piece and an energetic entity in itself. My most loved type of architecture is when the building humbles itself in the midst of its natural surroundings. When it becomes a part of nature and purposefully integrates itself into the rock and soil and foliage. My dream home, or space is where I cannot feel the separation of myself from my surroundings. I feel outside when im in, and inside when im out. It's all rather exciting. Fortunately and surprisingly I can still enjoy the art of architecture through my photography. Whether it be through photographing spaces or the people within them, I know i'll get the opportunity one day.

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