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Timeless Photography for the Heartfelt & Passionate

Oahu, HI

Megan Moura

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Timeless Photography for the Heartfelt & Passionate

Oahu, HI

Megan Moura




A modern story telling approach to  commercial branding photography for small business owners and artists 


Hawai'i Personal Brand Photography

I'm Megan, your Hawai'i Branding Photographer.

Based on the island of Oahu, I serve clients locally as well as throughout the state of Hawaii 

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hey there!

The way people interact with a brand and make their buying decisions has, no doubt, changed over the years.  As our digital world has expanded and become an integral facet of our daily lives, it's no wonder that our shopping habits have evolved.  

Online shopping also known as e-commerce, is often the preferred way of consuming goods and products. Some argue, that it is overtaking classic brick and mortar shops.  While the jury is still out on that, we can all agree, people are shopping with their eyes first and most likely on their phones or computers.

If having an online presence is a part of your business marketing strategies then you understand the relationship between your products or services and photography.  Effective imagery will resonate with your ideal client, establish you as an authority in your field, and make them feel a personal connection to what you offer.  Let's work together to ensure that your imagery attracts active buyers!

It's A Visual World

As a business owner myself, I understand that what we do is a reflection of who we are.  I find great fulfillment in getting to know the heart behind other companies and helping them reach their goals through quality images. 

I've earned a Master's Degree from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with an emphasis on commercial photography. I assisted one of the Bay Area's top commercial photographers, who specialized in still life and food photography.  Through this education and experience I'm equipped with the skills to provide you with lasting images. 

Your Success is My Passion

You're in good hands...

How It Works

We'll spend 1 hour exploring your brands identity, target audience and establishing the scope of your project. 

Vision & exploration

I'll craft a mood board, shot and prop lists to effectively achieve our goals. We'll set the date and location of the shoot day. Model sourcing if needed

All in the details

This is the fun part! Shoot, shoot, shoot!  Based on your needs we'll spend 2-5 hours together, crafting your customized imagery 

Shoot Day

1:1 Guidance on mood board, shot list, and locations

High End photo editing + online gallery

heartfelt representation of your brand

Variety of images. Headshots, action, product and lifestyle

Imagery that reflects your brand identity and mission

You'll have customized imagery that sets you apart

No more relying on generic stock images used by hundreds of other brands. 

A cohesive brand visuals throughout your online and email marketing

Images that show your target audience who you are and why they should invest in you

Level Up Your Game

Let's do this >

A branding session for a locally based clothing shop that specializes in vintage finds for the classic and timeless woman. 

Nina Arakaki is a home stager and interior stylist based here on Oahu. 

Featured Entrepreneurs

Anna Sachs for Echo Vintage Goods

Nina Arakaki for Real HI Co.

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Sierra Lucia - Singer/Songwriter

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What does "commercial branding" mean?

There are 2 types of photography: commercial and consumer based. Commercial photography are photos that are used in order to make money. Think Billabong, Tesla, JK Rowling, their marketing includes photos (commercial photos)  Your branding session is a form of commercial photography because these photos will help you sell your service or product. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will we create images that represent your brand?

Through our 1 hour initial creative planning meeting. We will discus things like your target audience, what sets you apart, your brand color and overall purpose that drives you. 

What exactly will we photograph?

Based on your needs I will photograph all or some of the following:
- headshots
- action shots
- product shots
- lifestyle
- landscapes

When will we see the photos?

My turnaround time is 1-2 weeks. 

How can we use the photos?

We will discuss your what your goals are, how you intend to use these photos, and I'll create a contract with image license terms that suits your needs.  Some examples of usage terms are: exclusive vs non exclusive, website, social media, print, ads.  Some types of image licensing are: 1 year, 5 years, lifetime.  Don't know what these terms mean? Not to worry, I'll explain it all. 

Who do you work with?

I work with anyone who has a story to tell and a product or service to sell.  I've worked with interior designers, life coaches, singers and retailers. 

Do you provide hair and makeup?

I have that option for you if you need it, yes!


Still on the Fence?

Let's do this

I completely understand.  This is a big decision and I'd love to plan a zoom call with you so that I can answer all of questions.  By the end of our call, you'll know if i'm the right one, or not :)