I'm Megan, a wedding photographer in Oahu ready to help with your elopement or wedding photography

I'm based in Honolulu and provide wedding photography services throughout the State of Hawaii and beyond. Let me document your big day in elegant imagery that tells your unique story.  I approach each wedding with an eye for natural connections, honoring all moments that are important to you and by doing so, I offer you timeless images.

My clients desire an effortless wedding day and a photographer who cares about their experience.  My work has been describes as effortlessly elegant, classic, emotive and timeless. 

My work is a blend of documentation, classic portraiture, executed creatively in both film and digital. 

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Hawai'i Wedding Photography

An intuitive approach to timeless wedding and elopement photography with a documentary style

For those who desire storytelling in their wedding documentation

"I'm basically crying as I write this review for Megan... she was a dream come true for my husband and I. A truly talented and dedicated artist."

- Kadrienne

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"When we met her over Zoom, it really sealed the deal. seemed truly interested in getting to know us and our story." 

- Marielle

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" From the very first zoom meeting I knew Megan could execute exactly what we dreamed of"

- REbecca

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"When I say she was far more than our wedding photographer, I mean it. We are so happy and grateful to her.

- Alexandra

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"Most importantly, she listened to what I wanted.  GO WITH HER IF SHE'S AVAILABLE."

- Willa V.

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Firstly, huge congratulations are in order. I can't wait to hear your engagement story. But first, please allow me to share what I think makes the best Oahu wedding photography. It's about listening and understanding more about you and your relationship. The things you love, who you are, and what matters the most. Then bringing that knowledge with me as I photograph your ceremony and reception. 

Most of us living and working in Hawaii become expert destination wedding photographers because brides and grooms want to include the islands' breathtaking natural scenery in their pictures -- it's among the most beautiful and romantic anywhere in the world. Also, if you're still considering locations for your wedding, I'm pleased to help with suggestions for you to consider.

My wedding imagery is ideal for those who desire human connection, legacy and tradition, because they are uniquely about you. My work is timeless and it's evident in the breadth of my career.  Those first weddings I photographed in 2014 are STILL relevant. 

My approach is a balance of documentation and classic portraiture. I quietly observe connections and moments shared. My clients truly value these moments and I too, find them to be the most impactful. We'll also work with one another to create artistic, effortless and classic portraits. Those that you'll likely hold pride of place within your home.  

Timeless Wedding Photography in Hawaii

A lot goes into taking beautiful wedding photos, and I'm proud to offer you the right experience and educational background. During more than ten years of professional experience, I've photographed hundreds of weddings, both outdoor and indoor ceremonies. They've helped me hone my innate ability to observe and capture meaningful moments as they happen throughout your wedding day.

I've earned a Master's Degree from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, emphasizing photography. I began my career assisting renowned photographers who passed along their ideas and theories about technique and perspective. Since then, I've developed my style and specialized in Hawaii weddings. Thanks to this education and experience, I can provide you with exceptional images and luxury service.

More About  Megan

As my clients, it's my priority to ensure that you have fun, experience the moments that really matter and rest assured that I am there to bear witness and document.  I have an innate ability to quiet my mind, observe and capture real moments... real connection.

You're in good hands...

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Megan offers packages that span elopements to full day weddings and multi day affairs


Begin at $2k


Begin at $5.5k

Your Wedding Photos, How It Works

Please fill out my contact form, and we'll schedule a Zoom call to meet each other and discuss your big day. It's essential to get to know each other a bit.

First, a Hello

You'll receive a customized proposal explaining all aspects of the recommended wedding photo services, including your ceremony and reception.

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Once you confirm my services, I'm available to help as an experienced and informed resource. Ask me about anything related to your planning.

Then, We're Under Way

1:1 guidance on timelines, vendors, locations/venues

High-end photo editing and delivery of the final images

Insightful documentation and classic portraiture

Open communication and transparency throughout the process

"If you are looking for photography, this is your final stop!"

"So much to say about this amazing woman and her work! Megan remains on of the joyful treasures that I found through my engagement photos and wedding.  I cherish each moment and photos she captured, and continue to look on my pictures daily as a reminder of all the beauty and blessings she captured. I am seriously in awe of her. 

Sarah & Taylor's Kailua wedding



"She was the perfect accompaniment to my bridal party and to our whole crew. She was sensitive to everyone's aesthetic needs (women can be cray and we all have a "good" side) and she captured every moment without intruding. She fluttered throughout the day unnoticed unless to pause and soak the moment with me. (Can you tell I love her?)


Willa & Luke's Yosemite Wedding

"We could not have asked for a more amazing photographer! 

"We could not have asked for a more amazing photographer! Megan is amazing and we are so grateful to have worked with her. We looked at many vendors on Maui, and met several as well, and it was clear that Megan was going to be the best partner for us. 

A Destination Maui Wedding

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”

— robert frank

Photographs that will beautifully document and preserve your wedding day forever

I find the shots while you are the center of attention -- skilled photographers have a natural ability to be present but out of the way to improve your experience.

Images that show you at your best throughout the day, reflecting your love story and capturing your personality and smiles

Classic wedding portraiture that shows you among loved ones and cherished friends

Angles and shots that let you see and re-live every aspect of your ceremony and celebration

A photographer WHO PUTS YOU FIRST

Love Your Wedding Photography and the Experience 

How is Your Wedding Photography Unique?

First and foremost, I take more time to listen and get to know you than many wedding photographers. I'll arrive with a better understanding of your personalities and your desires for the images. I combine my knowledge about you with my experience and training to produce a more insightful photo package uniquely about your wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Capture Images to Represent Our Personalities?

This is where experience and ability come into play, along with knowing you in advance. As the day begins to unfold, I understand more and can capture images that show you as you are among loved ones and friends. Catching glimpses from the best angles makes all the difference and documents your day realistically and beautifully.

What is Shown in the Wedding Images You Take?

Not many wedding photographers in Oahu catch as many details as I do. It ranges from people and faces to every detail of your ceremony and celebration. Brides will see the fine details of their wedding dresses, grooms will be included right down to their boutonnieres. Speaking of flowers, I'll get the bouquets, centerpieces, and any ceremony elements such as floral arches, chuppahs, or mandaps. As you're reviewing the images, you'll be impressed by the level of detail.

Collections start at $5000 for full day coverage

How Soon Can We See the Photographs?

The customary turnaround time is two weeks. It can vary depending on the number of images, time of the year (some seasons are busier than others), and any special requests. We understand you want to see pictures as soon as possible and do everything we can to expedite the editing process reasonably.

Are There Certain Kinds of Weddings You Photograph?

We photograph any wedding, elopement, or engagement day (yes, we can keep a secret if one of you is booking the session unknown to the other). 

Do Your Provide Hair and Make-Up Service?

Yes, we will connect you to our preferred HMUA teams on Oahu. Prices vary by project and artist.

What is the Price of Your Wedding Photography?

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I'd love to plan a zoom call with you so that I can answer all of questions.  I also want to see your beautiful faces and vibe you...and visa versa! By the end of our call, you'll know if i'm the right one to document one of the most important events in your life.