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Branding Session for Oahu-based Wedding Planner of Thoughtful Maven Events

June 8, 2023

Take space in the field of your work through personal branding. A wedding planner branding session helps you create your identity for yourself as an individual or business. It is how you project your brand and the value of your craft to the world that informs your target audience about who you are, what you do, what you stand for, and why they should put their trust in you instead of your competitors.

In a world where people’s attention span is getting shorter by the minute, making a statement has become more important. As an Oahu-based photographer, my advice is this: the best way to have a seat in the field is by creating a solid eye-catching brand identity. And this is exactly what I did for Alison – an Oahu wedding planner.

The Author of Spectacular Weddings

Alison is a traveler who loves diverse environments. She makes everything a unique experience with bold colors, and intentional design. She has already been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, The Cut, The Knot, Carats & Cake, and more. I look forward to all the magical weddings she will curate.

I would say that Alison and I are similar in the sense that she takes time to build a connection and understand the needs and wants of her clients. She surprises her clients with her personal and conceptual designs during their event planning process. As an Oahu-based photographer, I listen and collaborate with my clients. I ensure that their brand identity are known and that they are making the statement they want to put out into the world.

Wedding Planner Branding Session

Alison brought her wedding planner company, Thoughtful Maven Events from the East Coast to Hawaii. With this big move, she needed updated images that showcased her life here in Hawaii. She looked for an Oahu-based photographer and hired me for a wedding planner branding session. She wants to update her new website and social media accounts.

Alison chose the three-hour branding session package so we can accommodate three locations within the Waikiki area. These locations are, The Honolulu Museum of Art, The Halekulani Hotel, and her pottery studio where she is a member. Each of my branding clients has unique needs, goals, and visions; however, one thing that persists is that every single one has needed at least a two-hour branding photoshoot.

The most purchased package is the three-hour option. Business owners want these photos to last and be useful for two good years. This means that it is imperative that we get a variety of photos at various locations, with multiple outfits and three hours best accommodate this required variety.

From Megan’s Lens

Alison is a woman with a vision. A vision that makes every woman’s dream fairytale wedding come to life. I cannot imagine having a great wedding without a wedding planner. They make everything easy and smooth sailing without the stress and frustration. Most importantly, they make sure that the bride and the groom are present at each and every moment of their special day.

When we did her branding session, I made sure that Alison will be seen and recognized as the hard-working professional wedding planner that she is. I wanted her target audience to see her magic through her photos and looking at the results, it was a success. Alison looks stunning in each picture and she gives off the vibe of a warm and genuine wedding planner. Wearing the blue and the yellow dress made her look like she’s the mastermind of a picturesque wedding day.

My personal favorite from this branding session is the photo of Alison standing in the middle of the lounging area. As a wedding planner, she is always behind the main event. This time, she was in the spotlight for her personal branding session. I am glad that I captured amazing photos that she has already put up on her website and social media accounts.

To Alison: “I had an amazing time doing this branding session with you. Your mind makes magic out of every single detail and you make a lot of couples happy by curating their big day. Continue sharing your magic with the world. Oahu is glad to welcome an amazing event planner like you!”

Wedding Planner Branding Session on Oahu woman leaning on an archway
Wedding Planner Branding Session Woman wearing a green dress
Woman wearing a green dress leaning on the wall
Woman wearing a green dress leaning on the wall smiling
Wedding Planner Branding Session - Woman smiling in green dress
Woman wearing a green dress leaning on the wall smiling
Wedding Planner Branding Session 
Woman smiling wearing a yellow dress
Wedding Planner Branding Session 
 woman sitting down wearing a yellow dress
woman doing pottery
Woman standing in the room wearing a yellow dress
Woman wearing a yellow dress looking at a photo album
Woman smiling at the camera wearing a yellow dress
woman doing pottery personal branding session
woman smiling while doing pottery personal branding session
pottery personal branding session
Woman arranging flowers into a small vase
Woman doing flower arrangements personal branding session

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