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Grace’s Oahu Senior Portraits at Waialae Beach Park

January 7, 2022

1 Senior Portrait 3 Outfits

Senior portraits on the island of Oahu is a great idea for your Destination Senior Portraits. Grace’s portraits was especially fun because she flew to Hawai’i equipped with 3 outfits which gave her a variety of images. Her photo session began with a fun red tank top with ripped blue jeans. It was a subtle nod to her new alma mater, Texas Tech University. Her second outfit was her college branded t-shirt which turned out really fun! Her last outfit was a fun white dress, perfect for beach photos in Hawai’i.


When choosing your Oahu location for senior portraits keep in mind the types of background you want, the amount of variety and of course weather concerns like wind. Waialae beach park in the town of Kahala on Oahu is one of my favorite photoshoot locations. It is conveniently located 20 minutes from Waikiki which bodes well for anyone vacationing in town. It has coconut trees, ocean and black lava rocks. It is also protected by condominiums which greatly reduces the amount of wind. The wind strength here is nothing compared to more windward locations such as Waimanalo Beach.

Time of Day

It is best to choose either a sunrise time or sunset time, for your portrait session. The reasoning behind this is all about the quality of light very early or late in the day. The light is softer and more flattering on faces and skin tones. For this senior portrait session we chose sunset for the warm light!

Having Fun!

The best part of photographing Grace’s senior portrait was because she came with her mother and sister. It was fun family day and that really made a big difference. We had fun taking classic portraits but also some more fun shots like twirling! Who doesn’t love a good twirling photo!?! It’s all about having fun, being relaxed, having support from family and just enjoying the experience.

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