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Melissa’s Annual Branding Photoshoot at Waimanalo

August 20, 2022

Consistent Branding Photography

Melissa is a life coach with clients from around the world. She has entrusted me, and we’ve had loads of fun, to create annual branding photos. We’ve collaborated a few times and each session has had it’s unique goals with specific imagery. The sheer fact that she’s hired the same photographer (me) multiple times ensures her branding is consistent throughout the year.

Waimanalo Beach

Waimanalo beach is very popular beach for families and portraits alike. It is a HUGE beach, very large with MULTIPLE entrance points. This is why when you hire meeeee, I’ll send you a dropped pin to the exact spot we will meet. Follow this pin, you’ll be thankful. Waimanalo is on the east side of Oahu therefore it has a direct sunrise view. And no sunset views, since the sunset is on the west side. I do love a good sunrise session at this beach, it may even be preferred! Though sunsets are very lovely as well, with cotton candy colored clouds (if there are clouds).


  1. large beach with very blue waters
  2. mountain views!


  1. There might be portuguese man-o-war during jellyfish season. They hurt, don’t step on them!
  2. It’s extremely popular so be prepared for people watching your session

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