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Oahu Private Wedding Day of Dominique and Daniel

October 12, 2023

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, but the heart of every celebration remains the same: the love between two individuals. Every couple dreams of a wedding day that reflects their unique love story. This dream became a reality for Dominique and Daniel when they chose an Oahu private wedding day on the beautiful island of Oahu.

They created an experience that resonated deeply with their vision and values. They were not bound to societal norms or conventions but focused on creating an experience that was truly unique and about them. From sharing intimate vows without an officiant to hiring a private chef for their wedding night dinner, their love story is a testament that a wedding day should be 100% customizable.

Crafting a Personal and Private Wedding Day

One of the most striking decisions they made was to exchange vows without an officiant. “Can someone get married without an officiant?” The answer is yes. In my 12 years of experience as a wedding photographer, I have had the honor of photographing two weddings, including Dominique and Daniel’s, that chose to share private vows without the presence of an officiant.

In most states, including Hawaii, the legal aspect of marriage can be done at a city hall or courthouse without the need for an officiant. After the marriage license is signed and filed, the couple is legally married. This leave them free to craft their Oahu private wedding day and ceremony as they see fit. This meant sharing private vows in a deeply personal and intimate setting for Dominique and Daniel.

A Scenic North Shore Oahu Wedding

Dominique and Daniel’s journey took them to the breathtaking north shore of Oahu, where they rented a beautiful home through Airbnb or VRBO. Their wedding day was a seamless blend of stunning natural beauty and personal touches that made it uniquely their own.

The day began with a series of getting-ready photos, capturing the anticipation and excitement that precedes any wedding.  Their first look was a heartfelt moment, filled with emotion and anticipation. It was evident that this day was not just about the ceremony but about cherishing every precious moment of their love story. The ceremony itself took place at their Airbnb rental, creating an intimate atmosphere surrounded by the comforts of home.

After the ceremony, the couple shared their first dance, a beautifully choreographed expression of their love. It was a reminder that an Oahu private wedding day offers the freedom to choose the elements that matter most to the couple, rather than conforming to traditions. Every detail of their chosen celebration exuded a sense of intimacy and personal connection.

The Rugged Landscape of Mokuleia

After the first dance, we set off on an adventure to the top of the north shore, an area known as Mokuleia. Here, we spent nearly an hour capturing the breathtaking rugged landscape that surrounded us. The natural beauty of Oahu provided a breathtaking backdrop for their love story.

Pro Tip for Your Private Elopement Day

When planning your Oahu private wedding day with me as your photographer, I recommend setting aside a minimum of one hour for newlywed portraits, either before or after the ceremony. This extended photography time serves two crucial purposes:

Taking Your Time: A private wedding day is all about savoring every moment. By allocating extra time for portraits, you can fully immerse yourself in the experience without feeling rushed.

Exploring Different Locations: With time, you can explore multiple locations for photos, each offering a distinct backdrop. Whether it’s a serene beach, lush forest, or rugged landscape, the possibilities are endless.

From Megan’s Lens

Dominique and Daniel’s wedding day was proof of the possibilities that await couples willing to craft their own experience. Their journey from sharing intimate vows without an officiant to the rugged landscape of Mokuleia is proof of that. Whether it’s a grand celebration or an intimate elopement, your wedding day should be a reflection of your unique bond. It is the day where you entirely focus on each other and your journey together.

As an Oahu wedding photographer, I am glad to have been part of Dominique and Daniel’s extraordinary day. As you plan your private wedding day, take a page from their book. Remember that your wedding day is a canvas, ready for you to paint your unique love story upon it.

Remember to embrace the freedom to make the celebration your own. Choose a location that speaks to your heart, and allow time for those priceless newlywed portraits. In doing so, you’ll create a wedding day that is as extraordinary and unforgettable as your love itself. If you’re looking for an Oahu-based photographer for your wedding or elopement, feel free to leave me a message.

Airbnb in Oahu Private Wedding Inspiration
Black and white photo of the groom: a private wedding day in Oahu
Oahu Private Wedding Day Newlyweds Kissing by the Beach
Oahu Private Wedding Day Newlyweds Having Fun
Black and White Photo Oahu Private Wedding
Oahu Private Wedding Day Newlyweds Looking Into each other's eyes
Oahu Private Wedding Day Newlyweds Holding Hands
Oahu Private Wedding Day Newlyweds Walking Down the Hill
Oahu Private Wedding Day Newlyweds Having an intimate moment
Oahu Private Wedding Day Bride Walking Down the Hill
Oahu Private Wedding Day Bride Walking Down the Hill
Oahu Private Wedding Day Newlyweds First Kiss
Oahu Private Wedding Day Bride Smiling and Walking Down the Hill
Oahu Private Wedding Day Newlyweds Having Fun
Oahu Private Wedding Day Newlyweds Chasing Each Other
Black and White Photo of a Newlywed couple
Oahu Private Wedding Day Happy Couple in Wedding Attire by the hill
Oahu Private Wedding Day Happy Couple in looking at each other
Photo of the groom in maroon coat a private wedding day in Oahu
Black and White Photo of the Newlywed Couple kissing
Oahu Private Wedding couple holding hands while walking
Oahu Private Wedding Day Intimate Kiss under the veil
Black and White Photo of a Newlywed couple

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