This article is created to answer the most common question I get when it comes to all photoshoots. Wether you're planning your Hawaii family photo shoot or your newly engaged photos, this blog will help guide you in the right direction. How to choose your photoshoot outfits is actually very simple, adhere to a couple of factors and you'll be dressed perfectly for any occasion.

Photoshoot Outfit Guidance and Color Combinations

There aren't "rules" to choosing your outfits however, there are indeed factors that will get you a better result. The 3 main factors to consider are fit, under garments and comfort.  Let's start with the MOST important factor that should be followed every time and that is the FIT.  Ensure that all your items fit your body properly. 

What does proper fit include?
- Necklines: Choose a neckline that accentuates your beauty while minimizing aspects you don't want to draw attention to.  
- Straps: Do they fall down easily? If so, they don't fit properly.  Straps should stay on your shoulders and not fall down. 
- Waist lines: Choose clothing that fits your waistline. Ensure that it isn't too tight or restrictive. A poor fitting waistline may cause unflattering attention in that area. 

Helpful tips: Proper Fit

Who knew that your under garments would make a huge difference?!?! These choices will make or break your outfit. Your bra and underwear should be visually indistinguishable. They should also enhance your body and curves.

Choosing your undergarments:
Bras - No straps should show. During your shoot, we won't be worrying about hiding your straps. This is a FUN shoot and we will be moving alot.  It's not possible to hide straps 100% of the time so ensure that they don't show in the first place. My go to bras for thin straps are strapless bras or bandeaus. Are you wearing a backless dress? Then your only option is a very low back bra OR a stick on backless bra. 

Underwear: This is a more forgiving factor BUT if you are wearing a silk dress, this is imperative. When wearing silk, choose an underwear that has no lines.  This might mean that you wear a seamless shapewear (shorts)

Helpful tips: Under garments

COMFORT IS EVERYTHING.  Why is comfortable clothes so important when doing a photoshoot? Because if you are comfortable you are confident, you are happy and you are able to move feely to express yourself.  This should be a non negotiable when choosing your photoshoot outfit. 

What differences will comfortable clothing make? When working with Megan, you'll be moving.  Megan's style if often described as "natural" and this is achieved through movement.  You will be walking, running, spinning, twirling, hugging...all of these actions require movement.  

If you can barely walk in a dress, choose another dress. An outfit that restricts movement will result in stiffness in your photos. 

Does your mini dress catch the wind in an unflattering way? Wear a maxi dress instead. 

Helpful tips: Comfort

Soft pastels are a great color family to stick with for your Hawaii photoshoots. Pastels are easy to find and coordinate. They are also very flattering for all backgrounds and complexions. Soft pastels include pale pink, sky blue, moss green, cream or off whites. 

Soft Pastels

Color Combinations

I love warm neutrals for photos! They enhance the sunrise or sunset colors while also being very flattering for portraits. Warm neutrals adds richness while not being over powering.  

Warm neutrals include browns, tan, gold, yellow, orange and deep forest greens.

Warm Neutrals

Color contrasts are a FANTASTIC way to be bold, fun and really stand out!  I absolutely adore color contrasts.  

What are contrasting colors and how do you choose them? To keep it simple think about 1) your photo shoot location and 2) eachother. 

If you are doing a shoot in a green field, then the goal is to stand out FROM the green.  Choose any color that isn't green. If you really want to stand out choose the opposite of  If you are doing your shoot on the black lava rocks, choose a color that isn't black. For example, white! 

Then to take it a step further, think about each others outfits.  You can really have fun here and choose a totally different color from one another!  For example, complementary colors ie, red + green, blue + orange, purple + yellow.  It'll be wild and I'm here for it. 

Or analogous colors: red + orange, yellow + green, blue + purple etc

Color contrasts

My client closet is an exclusive perk reserved for booked clients and I am SO thrilled to begin this added service to my clients.

Browse these garments and feel free to book any one (or two) of them for your upcoming session. 

I will arrive early to your shoot with your chosen items, fully ironed and ready to wear. 

You may, and I encourage, get my clothes wet in the ocean! In fact, this is a huge perk to take advantage of this offering.

Megan's Client Closet

Dress A: White with Pearls

Size: Medium
Color: white 
Accents: Pearls
Fabric: sheer

A sheer maternity dress with a floor length train.  Open in the front with drop sleeves and a structured strapless bust. 

Not included: underwear.  Please bring your own white bottom and bra. 

Dress B: Golden Brown 

Size: Medium
Color: Brown/Gold
Fabric: Satin

An extra long satin dress created for dramatic movement. Tie front with a slit. 

Dress C: Sheer white off shoulder 

Size: Medium
Color: White
Fabric: Sheer cotton

A floor length maxi style dress with a front slit. Off the shoulder sleeves. 

Not included: bottoms (white swim bottoms are suggested)