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Your Branding Photos with Marketing Specialist Agaland Brand

August 22, 2022

From A Photographers Perspective

Stock photos stand out like a sore thumb and they NEVER benefit any company. When your ideal customer is browsing your website or social media, you want to keep their attention with images that appeal to them, specifically. You want your branding photos on your website to be an extension of you, the creator and entrepreneur. Customers can tell the difference between custom photographs created just for your business vs images you bought online from Getty Images or any other stock photo agency.

The rule of thumb is: people will buy from those they like and trust. There is no better way to establish this trust than showing your customers your beautiful face and personality.

What Is a Branding Photo Session

Branding photos are images of you, the owner and entrepreneur. It shows your face, your personality, what you enjoy, your style, your vibe and it MAKES a CONNECTION with your customers. It not is a set of images that show what you sell or your product. Any image of a product that aims to sell, is called “commercial photography.” Unlike commercial photography, branding photos aren’t selling your product…it is selling YOUUUU. Let’s explore a real life example of this contrast. You are a small business owner that is selling custom slime products. A commercial photoshoot would photograph your slime products and attach to it a price. This is commercial product photography. Whereas, a set of photos of you making slime, shows you having fun on your day off, shows your amazing face and smile…that is Branding Photography.

Who Needs Professional Brand Photos

Everyone who is the face of their company needs branding photos. Branding photography is ESPECIALLY crucial for service based entrepreneurs. Service based entrepreneurs would be your wedding photographers, your life coaches, your marketing specialist, your web designers etc. Why is branding photos especially important for service based companies? Because unlike a product based company, you actually work WITH your clients. You have a relationship with your customers. You work actively with your clients and provide them a personalized service. Since you are in the service industry establishing trust with your ideal client is not negotiable. It is a must. I see no better way to begin establishing and earning your customers trust than showing them who you are, as a person, as someone who will solve their problem.

Why You Should Hire a Marketing Specialist Before Your Photoshoot

This is a very useful pro tip that will make all the difference! Let’s take it from the start. You’re a business owner and you’ve made the decision to book your branding photo shoot with me. We complete the photo shoot and you have 100+ amazing images that shows exactly who you are and what you do. You have a variety of locations and outfits. BUT WAIT, there are 2 things that don’t quite fit right. 1) You’re not sure exactly what vibe your business is. 2) You don’t know how you’ll use these images (email marketing? Online lead in? Pinterest? …)

You don’t want to go into your branding photo session until you have a clear idea of your company’s brand identity. This is a must know before you take a single image. You don’t want to go into your branding session thinking that ‘xyz’ is your brand identity, only to realize 1 year later that it’s something totally different and you need another photoshoot. Are you a edgy, wild, fun, out of the box, extreme company with wild colors and energy? Or are you a gentle, caring, thoughtful, serene company that is all about sustainability and authenticity?

Agaland Brand is a wonder-woman marketing specialist that will help you discover who you are as a business owner, what you stand for and how you want to show up in your business. What impact do you want to make and how to translate all of these things into a marketing plan that sells your service! Once you have a clear idea of who your ideal client is, where they are and how to SELL to them, you will have an effective plan for your branding session with me.

Check out Agaland Brand’s FREE “Branding Photoshoot Blueprint” guide!

Once you’ve completed her guide and reached out to her, call me and we’ll do this thing!

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