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Halona Cove at Sunrise for Haemi’s Maternity Session – Part 1 of 2

December 3, 2021

When To Choose Sunrise Photo Session

I got a lot of questions about whether to do photo sessions sunrise or sunset. In my ten years of being a photographer I’ve discovered that both options are wonderful. A sunrise photoshoot is very similar to a sunset photoshoot in that the colors are similar and overall feel is alike. There are some situations where a sunrise photoshoot makes the most sense, for example if my clients are morning people then a sunrise photoshoot is perfect for them. Another reason to have a sunrise photo session is when you want to incorporate multiple locations. Haemi wanted to do three separate locations therefore I suggested we do a sunrise photo session starting at the beach.

Halona Cove

The beach we chose is on Oahu’s east coast and is called Halona Cove. This tiny beach is famous for the Hollywood movie called From Here to Eternity. It is not a beach to swim at or to play in the water as the waves are very strong. But it is gorgeous with strong dramatic waves and stunning black rocks. We watched the sunrise over the ocean as I photographed their maternity photos. It was a perfect morning with partly cloudy skies and no rain.

Some Clouds Are What You Want

A little bit of clouds during your photo session is the best you could ever ask for as it really enhances the sunrise colors. Many times my clients get nervous when there is a cloud or light rain because they think that a cloud free day is ideal. However, a sky without any clouds will have a very dull and boring sunrise compared to a sunrise that has clouds. The clouds catch the sunlight and thats how you get those dramatic colors. Next time you watch a sunrise, notice how the clouds become pink and orange.

What To Wear

Haemi wore a beautiful off-white Beach dress with a gorgeous slit which accentuated her figure and baby bump. Her husband wore a khaki pants and white shirt. This combination of off-white and brown colored tones is perfect for any photo session in Hawaii. My clients refer to me for outfit suggestions and I will always recommend keeping your color neutral or pastel. The best type of white is off-white or cream because it will photograph as a bright clean white. If you sometimes notice that white looks light blue in photos, it’s because they are wearing a “pure” white and that will more often than not, appear light blue in photos. It comes down to how pure white reflects the blue in our atmosphere while off white is less reflective.

A pregnant woman standing on a beach in hawaii in a white maternity dress.
A man standing behind his wife with his arms around her belly and kissing her cheek.
Young newly pregnant woman standing on a lava rock platform on a beach in Oahu, Hawaii

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