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Meet Willa and Luke | Day After Session | Yosemite Wedding

May 17, 2020

So you’ve begun the planning process of your wedding day. You’ve hired all your vendors and sent out the invites to all the people who you love most. And you’re left thinking, “Gosh the thought of leaving my family and friends for 45 minutes to do our newlywed portraits sounds like a bummer.” You love everyone in your wedding and want to spend as much time with them as possible. Afterall, you haven’t seen some of these people in years! I understand this thought and let me tell you, some of my most dear clients have felt just as you do! My prime example of this is Willa and Luke. They got married in Yosemite Valley, surrounded by all of their loved ones. And let me tell you, they had an incredible circle of people who adored them! To Willa and Luke, a wedding was a bit more than just a party, sure it was a spectacular party but that wasn’t the WHY behind it all. Some couple come along and just wow me with the connection they share with their family and friends. It’s like you can actually feel the love in the air (ugh sounds so cheesy but for a sensitive person like myself, the feeling is palpable). SO, what are your options? 1) Don’t do any newlywed portraits or 2) PLAN A DAY AFTER PHOTOSHOOT IN YOUR WEDDING ATTIRE. I think the latter is the way to go. For so many reasons:

  1. You get to enjoy your wedding day and be 100% mentally and emotionally present with your loved ones. No distractions thank you.
  2. You still get amazing photos with your babe.
  3. You actually get MORE TIME to create beautiful portraits because you aren’t limited to the 45 minute window that your timeline is giving you.

If you are eloping in Hawaii with just your love, or having a traditional wedding day with all of your loved ones, I do hope that you talk to me about your ideas and concerns regarding this topic!
As always, I am an open book and I want to hear your thoughts.


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