Kualoa Ranch at Jumanji, Low Camp and Paliku

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Kualoa Ranch is a very popular wedding venue on the island of Oahu with spectacular mountain and ocean views.  It has several sites that you could choose to host your wedding and we will discuss a few of them here.  Kualoa Ranch is also the Hollywood location for movies such as Jurassic Park and 40 First Dates. Your guests will be wowed by the scenery that is quintessential Hawaii.

Venue Site: Low Camp

Venue Site: Jumanji

Venue Site: Paliku

Low Camp is a venue location that is located between the 2 mountain ranges.  It is in a valley with amazing sunset views behind the mountain in the distance.  To get here is a short drive off of Kamehameha Highway.  It is guarded by an employee of Kualoa Ranch, ensuring total privacy.  It is a rustic and epic location for your Hawaii wedding.  

Jumanji is an intimate bluff that is situated just behind Low Camp. It has a higher vantage point of the mountain range and ocean below.  There are coconut trees that line the bluff which adds that extra something for your Oahu ceremony. Parking is much more limited and for this reason, couples will hire a commercial bus to transport their guests to and from. 

Paliku is Kualoa Ranch's most accessible and convenient location as it has facilities and catering abilities.  It is located just behind the main entrance to the park off of Kamehameha Highway.  You'll love this location as it's the only one that offers views of Chinaman's Hat in the ocean below.  It's also great because of ample parking, facilities, a covered patio in case of rain and it's a beautiful tropical garden.  I like to take my couples around the grounds to capture their first look, wedding party photos and newlywed portraits. 

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