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A Sunset Surprise Proposal On The Beach

September 30, 2020

Dushan had emailed me separately, unbeknownst to Emma, to plan the perfect sunset surprise proposal. Several emails back and forth, we had devised a full proof plan. Meanwhile, Emma and I were talking all things outfits and vibing on how amazing their “just because photo session” was going to be. I shared with her my Pinterest Board of couples outfits that look great in photos and she texted me her potentials. The location was chosen between us, with a couple of must-have points: firstly, the location had to be on the beach for sunset. Secondly, it had to be a location that offered a bit of privacy. We landed on Hawaii Polo Field on Oahu’s north shore. Being an open book and a bit of a planner, allows my clients and me to craft a beautiful session.

When planning a surprise proposal, setting up a cue is key. Dushan knew that Emma was going to do a second outfit change and this was his only opportunity to place the ring box in his second pair of pants, without Emma noticing! Worked like a charm. I quickly led them back to the beach, under the guise of “oh my gosh we have to catch this pink sky!” I promptly placed them on the beach, and gave the ultimate cue, “just stand here embracing each other as I set up the shot.” As I walked back to get a wide angle shot, I paused and started shooting, he was seconds away from getting down on one knee. Thru my camera, I could tell that Emma knew what was happening even before he reach for the ring. I wonder, what did he say that made her realize this was the moment? Some things, are meant to remain a secret.

A few moments of tears and just the two of them, I kept my distance, allowing them this private moment. We then continued on with the session, a bit more excited, more elated, totally in love and in awe of what just happened.

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