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Erina’s Sunset Maternity Photoshoot at Papa’iloa, Oahu

August 23, 2022

Pregnancy is a beautiful and transformative time in a woman’s life. It’s a chance for expecting mothers to celebrate their bodies and the new life growing within them. Recently, Erina, a soon-to-be mother, booked a sunset maternity photoshoot at Papa’iloa, Oahu.

The low tide during our session allowed us to walk further into the ocean while remaining safe on the reef tops. The vibrant green moss-covered rocks provided a rare feature for Erina’s sunset maternity photoshoot at Papa’iloa, Oahu.

Safety First: Photoshoot at Papa’iloa Beach

Papa’iloa Beach, with its amazing views of the ocean and a serene ambiance, is one of the most beautiful locations on Oahu. The low tide during the photoshoot allowed us to capture unique images that we wouldn’t have been possible to achieve otherwise. We took advantage of the scenery and lighting, capturing images that will last a lifetime.

When I am shooting on a beach, safety always comes first. I take extra precautions in ensuring my clients are not put in danger, especially when it comes to shooting in the ocean. On this particular sunset maternity photoshoot, the low tide allowed us to walk further into the ocean and use the exposed reef as a backdrop. I made sure to caution Erina and her partner to watch their step and avoid sea urchins because stepping on their spikes can send someone to the hospital. We were also careful to only step on dry rocks and reefs that were not slippery. With these precautions in mind, we were able to capture some breathtaking maternity photos.

Choosing the Right Time: Sunset Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity photos, also called pregnancy or baby bump photos, are essential to photograph and celebrate. Each pregnancy is different, and for many expecting moms, this is their first child, and for others, it may be their second or third. Regardless of the circumstances, celebrating this special phase of life has grown more popular these days.

The ideal time to have maternity photos taken is during the third trimester, ideally, the 7th or 8th month when the baby bump is more developed, but you aren’t too tired, as is common in the 9th month. In the month of our session, Erina was in her eighth month of pregnancy. This allowed us to capture her beautifully prominent baby bump, making for stunning maternity photos, while keeping her comfortable during the shoot.

Choosing the Right Outfit: Photoshoot at Papa’iloa

When looking for an outfit for a maternity photoshoot, it’s important to choose something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. A simple dress with a thigh-high slit is always a fantastic idea for maternity outfits. Finally, it’s a great idea to choose an outfit that complements the location and theme of the photoshoot.

Erina chose to wear a beautiful form-fitting turquoise dress that accentuated her figure and femininity. The color perfectly complemented the natural beauty of Papa’iloa Beach and brought out the color of the ocean. The thigh-high slit added an extra touch of elegance and this made her feel comfortable and confident during the shoot. It worked perfectly for this session.

Sunset Maternity Photoshoot: Capturing the Beauty of Pregnancy

Maternity photoshoots is way to document your pregnancy journey and connect with your baby to create lasting memories. They allow you to celebrate your body and the new life growing within you. Erina was natural in front of the camera, and the stunning location provided the perfect backdrop for her maternity photos.

I captured beautiful shots, including close-ups of Erina’s baby bump, full-body shots, and shots of her and her partner together. Erina’s sunset maternity photoshoot at Papa’iloa beach was a celebration of the beauty of pregnancy. The unique backdrop of the exposed reef, combined with Erina’s beautiful dress and baby bump, created stunning images that she and her partner will treasure forever.

From Megan’s Lens

The final photos were a collection of stunning maternity images that captured the beauty and essence of Erina’s pregnancy. We explored the beach and took advantage of the beautiful scenery around us. This maternity photoshoot was a perfect example of how the right location, clothing, and lighting can result in breathtaking portraits.

One of my favorite shots was a close-up of Erina’s belly with the ocean, the vibrant green moss-covered rocks, and a faint reflection of the golden sunset hues on the waters. It was a beautiful frame that captured life’s creation in humans and the amazing Earth we live on.  

Maternity photos are a testament to the love that parents have for their child, and they serve as a reminder of the joy and anticipation that comes with pregnancy. If you’re looking for an Oahu-based photographer to capture your Hawaiian maternity photoshoot, feel free to leave me a message.

Maternity photoshoot at the beach
Sunset Maternity Photoshoot at Papa'iloa Oahu
Sunset Maternity Photoshoot at Papa'iloa Oahu
Maternity photoshoot at the beach in Hawaii
Sunset Maternity Photoshoot at Papa'iloa Oahu
Maternity photoshoot at the beach in Hawaii,
Sunset Maternity Photoshoot at Papa'iloa Oahu
Maternity photoshoot at the beach in Hawaii
Baby Bump Maternity photoshoot at the beach in Oahu Hawaii
Baby Bump Maternity photoshoot at the beach in Oahu Hawaii
Moss-covered rock at Papa'iloa Beach in Oahu
Sunset Maternity Photoshoot at Papa'iloa Oahu

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