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A lush bridal editorial at the foothills of Oahu’s North Shore, in collaboration with Blush Beauty Styling and Debbie Hemingway? Yes please. From the cozy-plantation style vibe of the outdoor space to the natural beauty steps away, we’re loving everything about this Dillingham Ranch Bridal Wedding Editorial. Because Dillingham Ranch is filled with old-school charm,we wanted to be sure we captured a few images of the quaint buildings filled with Hawaii’s history. Not to mention the stunning landscape features found throughout, all of which are more than photo worthy. With it’s grand driveway entrance that seems to go on for miles a backyard pathway of coconut trees, and unique cozy home vibes (sign us up!), this one has us wishing we could photograph weddings here all year long.

Christa of Blush Beauty Styling reached out to me to capture images that really showcase her talent and that of her team. She flew back from her Northern California home to make this styled shoot happen. Of course I was all in because her work is always stunning, classic and elegant. I interviewed Christa about her company and style. Read on to learn all about Blush Beauty and her pro tips for your perfect wedding day hair and makeup.

Q&A with Blush Beauty Styling

1) Can you tell us about the history of Blush…when did you start it, where are you based and what types of events do you do hair and makeup for? Exclusively weddings? Why did you start Blush Beauty?
I created Blush in 2013 as I wanted to create a brand that was reflective of my aesthetic of makeup, (which is soft, sophisticated, and natural), femininity, and bridal, but did not want to use my name.  After a few weeks, Blush came to mind and I felt was the perfect name that encompassed all of the things I wanted my company to evoke. 
Six years later, we have teams in both Napa and Hawaii specializing in bridal styling for the destination bride. Although our focus is weddings, we do offer services for corporate, production, and events. “

2) We all know great makeup starts with great skin.  Can you tell our brides a few tips on how to prep their skin for the big day to ensure no pimples and a natural luminance.
​”One thing we have found makes a huge impact is investing in a monthly facial in addition to a daily skin care routine. I have seen client’s skin improve drastically within months because they go in for professional services. I always like to say you only have one opportunity to have great skin (without botox anyways) once those signs of aging start showing it’s almost impossible to naturally reverse that process.” 

3) If a pimple does pop up the day before…what should brides do?
Whatever you do, DO NOT PICK IT! I completely understand it’s catastrophic to have a pimple just pop out of nowhere the day before the wedding, but once it’s been picked, it is sometimes really difficult to cover with makeup and the texture will really be emphasized. As much as possible put a warm compress on it a few times or even take a dip in the ocean as the salt will help dry it out. 
Nonetheless, if it does not disappear, don’t let it ruin your wedding day. It can easily be covered with makeup. At the same have realistic expectations that makeup can cover color, but not texture.”  

4) Who are Blush Beauty Brides? What do they look for in hair and makeup? 
We are so lucky to have some of the most amazing women as clients. The Blush bride is sweet, laid-back, fun-loving and has planned a destination wedding as a way to bring family and friends together to thank them for all of their support in getting both her and her fiancé to that moment in life. 
Our brides also have impeccable taste and want a look that is sophisticated, natural, and authentic. They want to look like the best version of themselves and love the way they looked on their wedding day when they look at their photos in 10 or 20 years.” 

5) In Hawaii, we all know that humidity is the death of voluminous hair and matte skin…how can brides prepare for a hot and humid wedding day? What does Blush Beauty do to ensure that their makeup will last 8+ hours?
All of the products we use are professional grade products that are not only HD friendly but also long-wearing. I take great pride in my knowledge of skin and how to personalize every makeup I do to suit that client’s needs. The key to long lasting makeup in the Hawaii humidity is a combination of the right skin care and makeup products.” 

6) What are the top questions all brides should ask Blush Beauty in their initial interviews?
“I think brides really need to understand what makes us different from other makeup and hair stylists. We offer a luxury beauty experience which is so much more than just showing up doing the makeup and hair and leaving. We understand weddings can be expensive, but your face will be one of the most photographed “things” and what most people will focus on that day. Not only do we want you to look amazing but we also want you to start your wedding day with a relaxing experience. It’s about pampering yourself and knowing you are in great hands on such an important day. 

7) What was the most popular hairstyle in 2019?
We have seen a lot of soft, romantic chignons, which we LOVE. Not only is it a low maintenance look, but it’s feminine, pretty, and timeless. We hope to see more variations of this for years to come. “

8) Wind.  Hawaii is often windy, are there particular hair styles that work well in the wind? 
Updos are easily the best option for an outdoor wedding. Not only are they durable when out in the elements, but having it off of your shoulders also allows you to stay cool, and reduce the chances of the dreaded hair getting caught in your lipgloss. “

​”We are currently booking weddings for limited 2020 dates please visit our website or email us at for more information.


Venue: Dillingham Ranch // Hair and Makeup: Blush Beauty Styling // Florals: Debbie Hemingway // Models: Nani Parker and Stephanie Wang // Dresses: Miyuki Liem Bridal // Veil: Over the Moon Bridal // Hair accessories: Peaches and Love USA // Shoes: Bella Bella Shoes